Saturday, June 13, 2009

roadside stop

Pulled off and parked
grass in front
pavement in back

Cars flitting like bright berries through
the green of the opposite bank

Sitting here is soothing and an urban reminder all at once.

The women in the car next to me do not enjoy the view.

Instead they huff on smokes
bicker exquisitely about something
borne away on the wind

like the last of the petals off the pollution-stunted cherry tree.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

the best thing is you

Last night
we took a walk after supper
bellies full, comfortable with the company we were in
followed the sighing reeds and sand
the scuffed path
and to the wide-open

were only there for the stroll
to hold hands and brace against the wind
but of course
because it's the ocean (the ocean!)
we rolled up our pantlegs

and stumbled through the icy waves.

There are pretty pebbles on the floor of the sea.
I reached down, down
fingers shocked icy white sticks of chalk, blurring in the water
bringing up
the sweetness of the falling night.

Treasures, all.