Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ah bah cah

After sweltering through the usual housework

it's almost relaxing
to go through the sounds of the alphabet together
(almost reading! whee!)

but damn it's hard to fake enthusiasm
for those damned


Somewhere in the back of my head I thought you'd absorb
this too, like
you've picked up on almost everything else your big brother does.

More fool me.


This is a little like potty training.

And a lot like hell.


Woman in a Window said...


The faking the enthusiasm thing, on any front, damages the soul, I think. Well, that might be a little dramatic when it comes to phonetics but it sure feels like that at times.

Oh, but to have her read!

Mary G said...

I just found this and it gave me a laugh and such a lift - I will be doing this in, heaven help me, French next week while staying with the granddaughter.
Love it!